Shakeology Testimonials

Read what Shakeology has done for these REAL people 🙂

“When I first looked at Shakeology online, I was like $130/month? Nooo wayyy. I didn’t understand the value. I thought it was just a protein or weight loss shake, so obviously I thought it was way overpriced. A few months later, I talked to my coach about the benefits of Shakeology. I was at a point where I was going home from work EVERY DAY and taking a nap. I was sooo tired, had no energy, and constantly had headaches. I am happy to say that has all changed and I am sure it has a lot to do with drinking Shakeology pretty much every day since I first bought it a year and a half ago. I haven’t gotten a cold or the flu since (knock on wood), and I just all-around feel better. I can’t imagine not drinking it anymore.”



“I used to get fluid build up/swelling in my knee. Saw Ortho and Rheumatologists and neither could figure out the cause. Drinking Shakeology has helped that go away as well as some weird hives that I used to get and couldn’t figure out a common cause. So as far as inflammation, Shakeology has helped me 100%”
Lauren Cavanaugh



“Shakeology has really helped me make sure I am properly fueling my body. I like to sleep in until the very last second, barely leaving myself time to get ready, let alone eat. Shakeology is so quick and easy, it has totally changed my morning rush and fuels me for the day. I have so much more energy and can really tell when I didn’t have my shake. I used to grab a 6 pack of cheese and peanut butter crackers and be hungry an hour later, Shakeo is sooo much better and keeps me full!”
Jenna Coltrin



“I have had digestive issues since before I can remember. I used to go to the gastroenterologist like once a month in grade school and have basically lived with a stomach ache every single day. Since Shakeology I have noticed a significant difference. Not only that but my hair is growing so long, my energy is always up and I don’t have dreams about cupcakes anymore – although I still love them!”
Danielle Filer



“My kid doesn’t always eat his veggies (like very rarely) and I give him some of my Shakeology (which he absolutely LOVES) and it makes me feel better for the lack of veggies! Even just a few sips for a 1 year old makes me feel better about him getting the nutrients he needs everyday!”
Jenna Shaffer



“I have been drinking it daily for a year and a half. Except for the past 2 months….after my wedding I was in honeymoon mode and then came back to holidays and have majorly slacked on focusing on ME. I have been sick (either stomach issues or sinus infections) for the past 2 months. I sat there and thought WHY?? I haven’t been sick like that since I was in High School (as I have low immune system issues). And it CLICKED. I wasn’t having my shake daily, was eating like crap, and not working out. My body was literally hating me for it! Shakeology definitely helps boost my immune system, gives me that energy I need in the morning and also stops my bad cravings. If I skip Shakeology for breakfast my body feels sluggish and blah.”
Tara Swauger



“When I was first introduced to Shakeology, I considered it a weight loss supplement. What I have realized now that I’ve been drinking it for a year and a half–it helps maintain my weight loss by curbing my cravings, my digestion is better (had issues with constipation my entire life), my hair/skin/and nails have all improved. I am rarely sick, and if I do catch a bug it passes quickly. I am overall more energetic, and I feel “off” if I miss a day.”
Vanessa Toto