Be the Change.

Pardon my language, but I think it’s time we stop being dicks to each other, and start making an impact. Here are just a few you can do that:

1. Take Action with Take Part: Sign up at to make a difference on various issues from food (BUY LOCAL!) to education (SUPPORT OUR TEACHERS!), you can get the latest updates on how YOU can help.

2. Want to support the LGBTQ community? Good. I think you should. Here are ways that you can: SUPPORT LGBTQ

3. Do you have a shirt that you haven’t worn in 3 months, or 57 extra scarves? (Guilty) Donate them to your local donation center. But, do your research first and know where these goods are going.

4. Volunteer at the local humane society. Pets need the love too.

5. Donate to charities. A few of my favorites: St. Jude, Sheetz For the Kidz, Support our Troops, Feeding America

6. Send a Thank You letter to our Troops; or research other ways you can show your support.

7. Empower other women! #girlpower

8. Stop Hate, address bullying and build safe, inclusive communities for all.
9. Start an anti-racism project.
10. Sign up to be a Big Brother/Big Sister through your local chapter.
11. BE KIND.  “Ah, kindness. What a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in this world.”

12. SMILE.

13. PRAY – we all need it.

14. Love your neighbor ❤

15. Give someone a compliment. “You’re, like, really pretty.” See, that wasn’t so hard.

16. Go outside and play with your kids (this includes your dogs, obvi).

17. Workout and eat healthy. You will feel better and it will help with you #11.

Sure, doing some or all of these things might not make a HUGE difference right this second, but it will make A difference. And maybe you have better ideas or different campaigns to support or petitions to sign. That’s great. JUST DO SOMETHING. It’ll be a helluva lot better than shaming our COUNTRY and bashing each other on Facebook. BE THE CHANGE. Make a difference.

If we all do our part, I think America will be okay ❤



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