3 Days later and Feelin’ Refreshed!

The weekend that started it all:

I love camping – Lake Raystown, boating, sleeping in tents, campfires, s’mores, beer, grilling over the fire, floating on a raft in the lake, 20 Questions, everything about it.


Even the rain couldn’t ruin our weekend!


After a weekend full of said events, I needed to get my body in check. Enter: 3 Day Refresh. The program helps give you a kick start (back) into healthy habits. I started the Refresh the Monday after camp weekend and finished that Wednesday. And, if I am being 100% honest, it was hard. However, it was very doable. And this is coming from the hungriest human I know. By hungriest human, I mean I need to eat every 3 hours (at most) or I become very irritable, upset, angry, mean.. Hangry, as some would call it. I think about food from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep, and I am sure that I dream about it too. Anyway…

What does the 3 Day Refresh entail?

It consists of three daily shakes, a fiber drink, plenty of water, and a wide array of fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and dinner options to keep your metabolism and energy going throughout the day.


The meal plan and steps are simple, and there are many options, so eating the healthy meals was not super difficult. Shakeology (which you have everyday for breakfast) contains over 70 Superfoods and 23 vitamins and minerals essential for your health, antioxidants and phytonutrients (help maintain health), adaptogens (for strong immune system), prebiotics and digestive enzymes (aids digestion and increases absorption of nutrients), and protein and essential amino acids (helps build muscle, promote healthy skin, hair and nails, and reduce food cravings). The Vanilla Fresh Shake (which you have twice a day), contains 20 grams of plant protein, 22 essential vitamins and minerals, and probiotics to help promote digestive and immune health. They also help curb hunger and have no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sweeteners. The Fiber Sweep Drink (which you have once a day) is created from whole-ground flax, chia, and pysllium seed husks (can naturally help lower cholesterol and support healthy blood sugar levels).


They key (for me) to the program is really meal preparation and spacing out your meals. As I mentioned earlier, I like to eat. So I would have my Shakeology for breakfast, wait a little and then have my fruit. I didn’t eat them together. I would then wait at least an hour before having my tea. For lunch I would have my Vanilla Fresh shake, wait a while and have my fruit, then later have my vegetable and healthy fat. I also made sure to drink A LOT of water. I took full advantage of the optional green tea throughout the day and vegetable broth at dinner. Those few things also seemed to help make the program more manageable.

imageimageimageimageimage (crunchy aspargus with slivered almonds – one of my new favorites!)

What I really struggled with was working out. Because you don’t intake as many calories, working out is not recommended those 3 days. So, when I was teaching my InsanityLIVE class that Tuesday, I felt weak and tired. But overall, the experience was not as terrible as I thought:


LOLZ. It wasn’t like my expectations at all and I am so happy I did it. The best part was that I had the support from other coaches that helped me stick with it so I could get the results I was hoping for 🙂

The Results:

I lost 8.2 pounds and 3.5″! Granted – it was after a weekend of indulging in EVERYTHING and it was mostly water weight and bloat, but I felt a helluva lot better and had more energy after those 3 days. I really did feel quite refreshed 😉 I jumped right into the 21 Day Fix after and am still feeling gooood and managed to keep that excess weight off 🙂


I will definitely do it again, mid-July after two weeks of vacation: Reese Family Vacation in Florida followed by the Beachbody Coach Summit in Nashville!!

If you want to join me on the Refresh journey the next time, email me at megcounsman@gmail.com! We can help each other get through those 3 days:)

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