A Pitt Girl Fixin’ at a Penn State Tailgate

It can be pretty rough living near Happy Valley when you aren’t a Penn State fan (H2P!). But when life hands you lemons (PSU football), you make lemonade (PSU tailgating). My boyfriend and the majority of my friends, and family, and those of you reading this are all fans so I don’t wish ill upon them. Okay, I used to..but I don’t anymore! –Until September 2016 that is 😉 But I must admit that I always have a blast at the tailgates. It’s unlike any other college campus tailgating. Don’t get me wrong, I longed for Saturday mornings in college to head to the gravel lot with all my besties. We always had an awesome time. We drank awesome shooters, listened to awesome music, and then just sat around and soaked up each others awesomeness. But it’s just different at Penn State.  We bounce around from tailgate to tailgate meeting up with high school friends, friends from work, neighbors, high school friend’s college friends, college friends’ high school friends, our friends’ parents,etc. Oh, and grass. I love the grass (not the kind you smoke-although I’m sure there is plenty of that there as well). So, even though I am in the middle of the 21 Day Fix, it’s hard for me to turn down a sunny day of tailgating in Happy Valley.

Last year at the Blue and White game I drank about 8 too many beers and 2 too many Big Azz Margaritas. On top of that, I ate junk tailgating food ALL DAY LONG. I felt the effects big time. The next day, Joel and I ran the Beaver Stadium Run for Special Olympics. I honestly felt like I was going to keel over and die. When I crossed the finish line I didn’t stop running. I found the nearest trash can and ran right to it and threw up.

My goal this year was to have just as much fun, minus the horrible hangover the next day.

Mission Accomplished.

The first thing I did was start my morning with Shakeology. I know you may be rolling your eyes but I swear the stuff is like a miracle drink for me. I then packed my cooler full of water and Bud Select 55.

imageBeer is not 21 Day Fix approved, but if there is one thing I won’t give up at a tailgate, it’s beer. I knew that we would be starting early and ending late, so no matter the beer, I would drink the same amount. So I figured I would go with the less alcohol content and be less hungover and consume less calories. A win/win if you ask me.

I also planned to make some healthy snacks since I knew I would want them throughout the day. I made cauliflower bread sticks
image and skinny buffalo wing hummus. And luckily I was starting this party with two other coaches and some challengers, so we had some other tasty options such as healthy buffalo chicken dip,
fruit kabobs,
a veggie tray,
and trail mix

So while I drank and ate a lot throughout the whole day, I woke up feeling like a million bucks 🙂 Instead of throwing up at the race this year, I PR’ed 🙂 7:57 avg mile after a full day of tailgating? I’ll take it.

imageHappy Valley is happy, even for a Pitt girl ❤

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