Design a Life You Love

Have you been wondering what the heck I do as a Beachbody Coach? What is this all about? Or maybe you feel stuck in your career right now. Or just feel like you know you have a helluva lot more to offer. Maybe you love your full-time job but are passionate about health, fitness & helping other people. Well guess what? I may just have the opportunity you have been looking for 🙂

With this opportunity you can:
-Create your own hours
-Choose your income by putting as much or as little into your business as your want
-Expect to be appreciated for your hard work
-Meet awesome & inspirational people
-Make new friends
-Follow your passion for health & fitness

I started coaching last year. The same year that I had about a million weddings and 1,200 bachelorette parties & bridal showers to attend (slight exaggeration, I guess). But I promise, it was overwhelming and not friendly to my bank account. With these weddings and parties also came some short dresses and bikinis. I wanted my body size to decrease and my wallet size to increase. So after a few tears and a little pity party, I changed my attitude and reached out to a Beachbody Coach about the business opportunity. I had been seeing her Facebook posts about coaching and helping others live a healthier lifestyle. Improve my health AND make money? That’s like..MA DREAM. Andddd, it’s killin’ two birds with one stone, right?

After I signed up, fear set in. I started to freak out. I mean seriously Freak. Out. How do people really become that successful in this business? What if I am not successful? What if I fail?


Thank goodness I have the BEST mentors and leaders in the business for support. I mean, seriously THEE best (I am proud to be part of the #1 team in the whole Beachbody network). They lead by example, tell you it’s OKAY to fail, in fact, you need to fail in order to succeed. They give you all the tools and tips to be successful. You just have to work at it, be passionate and consistent. If you do the simple steps, day after day, my darling, you will FLY!

Once I realized all it takes is passion and consistency, I thought to myself, “I CAN do this.” But quickly another concern set it: I am going to annoy the hell out of people. They don’t want to see my posts on Facebook and IG all day, erryday. Who would? I shared these fears with fellow coaches and one told me, “You can’t pay your bills with the opinions of other people.” That really hit home. Because I can’t, and I won’t. I will be paying off those credit card bills by doing something I really am super PASSIONATE about, and that is nothing to be concerned about. When the paychecks started to roll in, it confirmed I made the right decision.


But what is even better than the paychecks? The most rewarding part about this job is when challengers tell you that they lost 12 pounds, or that they finally feel confident enough to put on that bikini, or that their skin is clearing up because of Shakeology…I could go on and on. So here I am. Following a dream. Running challenge groups. Giving people the support they need to get through a fitness program. Helping them overcome fear. Changing lives! And it is AMAZING! If I inspire just one person to not give up on their goals, then I would consider myself successful.


I am looking for people who want to inspire others as well. I want you to join this awesome team of coaches. image

To be a coach, you don’t have to have a perfect body or be at your goal weight. Like myself, you can work full-time and do this to make supplemental income. I just am looking for REAL people with the PASSION to help others live a healthy lifestyle.


 So..who are Coaches?:
-Full-time working professionals
-busy moms and dads
-college students
-stay at home parents
-people who just want a discount on Beachbody products (nothin’ wrong with that!)
-HUMAN BEINGS who want to make a difference in someone’s life

We have dreams, we want to achieve our goals, we lead with our hearts, we have PASSION, we hold each other accountable, we are a support system for each other, we are a TEAM.

Don’t live your life full of regrets. Take chances. Take a leap of faith. Design the life you dream of living. Create your own success.

If you are interested in taking that leap of faith (best decision I have ever made) and want to join my team, please fill out this quick form. DESIGN THE LIFE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED ❤


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