Only 5 days until race day! I can tell my nerves are starting to get the best of me. I am not really sure why I put so much pressure on myself before each race, but I always do. The competitive girl in me wants to make sure that I ALWAYS beat my previous times and then I freak out. But I need to start focusing less on that and more on the real reason behind this race. In addition to registering for the Anthem Half Marathon, I also signed up to as part of Team Livestrong in effort to raise money for the LIVESTRONG foundation. The Foundation serves people affected by cancer and empowers them to take action against this disease that is now the world’s leading cause of death. LIVESTRONG has become a symbol of hope and inspiration to people affected by cancer around the world. The money I raise will support programs and services for cancer survivors. These resources help people diagnosed with cancer face the challenges of the disease head on and live life on their own terms.

So instead of worrying so much about my time at each mile, I am redirecting my thoughts to people who have courageously fought and those who continue to fight the fight. Some of these people lost, a few are still battling, and others are survivors. I am running this race in honor and in memory of them. All of them.


Here it goes.

Mile 1: The Reese Family (Jim and Lisa– REMISSION)
Mile 2: My Aunt Lou Counsman Mercier (Thyroid Cancer–SURVIVOR)& Josh Taylor (REMISSION)
Mile 3: My Uncle Jim Watters, Aunt Deb Watters, and Susan Watters Wesmiller (Melanoma–SURVIVORS)
Mile 4: In memory of my Great Grandfather Jack Neff (Lung Cancer)
Mile 5: Dedicated to Jack & Carolyn Sparks, in memory of Todd
Mile 6: Patti Bambridge and Christine Goulet (Breast Cancer–SURVIVORS)
Mile 7: In memory of my great uncle Bill Watters (Leukemia)
Mile 8: Dedicated to Amy Barr & family in honor of Terry; and to Justine Buchanan and family in honor of Dave
Mile 9: In memory of Anita Popovich (Lung Cancer)
Mile 10: Dedicated to Taylor Molitierno & family in memory of her cousin Emily; and to Joyce Twombly & family in memory of her cousin Ryan
Mile 11: Roy (Toy) Gagne (Leukemia–REMISSION)
Mile 12: Katy Ursta (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma–REMISSION)
Mile 13-Finish Line: Dedicated to EVERYONE who has one way or another been affected by the nasty C-word


Ya know, sometimes I really need to keep myself in check. Not everyone has the chance to run a half marathon. I need to remind myself that I don’t have to run, I get to. And that is something I should never take for granted. I’m running this race not to beat my last time (yes, that would be nice), BUT, I am running this race for the people who are fighting something much bigger than I can ever imagine. I am running this race for the people that CAN’T. I urge you to #sweatforsomethingbigger too, because #everysweatmatters.

How can you help?

You can donate here and support my efforts in the LIVESTRONG Campaign

But that is not the only way

I am lucky enough to get to work with two of the most inspirational people who
#sweatforsomethingbigger EVERY. DAY! Katy Ursta and Taylor Molitierno,
both fellow Beachbody Coaches, are leading a fundraising campaign for the image
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as part of Team Fight for Joy in the Man & Woman of the Year Campaign. Katy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in February of 2014. She officially entered remission on August 18th. She is now a 2015 LLS Woman of the Year candidate. Every dollar raised toward Team Fight for Joy’s campaign counts as one vote. You can support LLS’s mission in its efforts to find cures for blood cancers by donating here.

I also am running a month long Chloe and Isabel campaign for the cause. I will donate 100% of the commissions to the LLS Campaign.

Please help in anyway you can. Together, we can kick cancer’s ass.


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