21 Days Later

As promised, here are my results from my last round of 21 Day Fix Extreme:


I actually did a hybrid of running (training for half), 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts and 21 Day Fix meal plan. I lost 2 pounds and 2.5 inches, but gained a lot more (upper body strength for one thing). I wasn’t anywhere near perfect with that meal plan. I had a few too many yellows, purples, and blues (and beer), but…I have become more aware of what I put into my body. I make better choices when out to eat, cook healthier meals, buy fresh and organic, pack healthy lunches to work everyday, never miss a day of drinking my shake, and think twice about missing a workout. Even on those crazy cold and snowy days, I didn’t miss. I would pop in a DVD and workout with Autumn instead of going on a run. I stopped making excuses for everything. Well, almost everything. My birthday fell in the middle of those 21 days and that was an excuse for  me to drink extra beers and eat a piece of cake or two that week. But I believe that it’s okay to have a cheat meal every once in awhile throughout the week. In fact, it  is a good thing. Cheat meals can actually fight plateaus, strengthen willpower, and relieve stress.  Besides, life is too short not to have the occasional brownie (or Cold Snap)!


The other awesome thing about this round of the fix were the challengers in my accountability group.  They were fully committed and participated daily in the group-which helped keep me accountable as well:) We also talked about what we were grateful for throughout the week, and it’s amazing what that can do to your overall health. Focus on the positive and flush out all the negative energy. Life is also too short not to be happy. I mean, some days I still wish I had a punching bag that I could just go to town on after a long day, but my overall attitude and bitchiness, if you will, is definitely improving 🙂 image

Anyway, it’s almost spring–finally! Which means it’s almost summer and bathing suit season.  If you are interested in learning more about the Fix or joining one of my upcoming challenge groups, please fill out this quick form. Let’s make this your healthiest and happiest summer yet 🙂

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