got my mind on my food & my food on my mind

Joel is good at many things. Handywork. Sports. Making me laugh. The list goes on and on, really. However, there is one thing he’s not so great at: planning. He just doesn’t ever really do it. And typically that is fine with me. I don’t like to have every detail planned for our nights and weekends. I like spontaneity. But the thing I do need to plan–MY MEALS. I love food and I’m always thinking about it. When I finish my breakfast I think about what I’m having for lunch. When I finish lunch I plan my afternoon snack. Then I mentally prepare dinner. I got my mind on my food and my food on my mind. All the time. Joel on the other-hand, doesn’t seem to ever think or care about it much. Seriously, this is what I’m working with when I’m at his house:


He could eat tomato slices sandwiched between two pieces of bread for dinner and be completely satisfied (he’s easy to please). Not me. No way. I get so hangry. If I go more than 4 hours without eating, lookout. That’s why it’s so important for me to plan my meals. Everyday. I need to have lots of water in my bottle, healthy snacks by my side, my lunches packed and dinners prepped. girl Autumn (as I mentioned before, we’re besties) makes it easy for me with the 21 Day Fix. The challenge pack comes with an easy to follow meal guide, awesome recipes and color-coded portion control containers that make planning simple!


I am starting another 21 day challenge group and this time I’m taking it up a few notches. I’m going EXTREME! It starts Monday the 16th and I only have ONE more spot available!

I’ll help you PLAN and we will reach our goals TOGETHER. I can already picture myself 21 days from now..


Just kidding, but I am promising the dreaded before and after pics! PLUS, there is a special twist to this challenge. We will focus not only on our health, but also our happiness and gratitude!




Contact me for me details or fill out this simple form! I can’t wait to get started 🙂

Xo, meg

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